Bayfront Parkway Demonstration Project

Type: Tactical Urbanism Pop-Up Park

Size: 3/4 acre

Status: Complete

Transforming Biscayne Boulevard’s six median parking lots into a green doorstep for downtown Miami has been planned and discussed for many years. However, until recently action had never been taken.

Bayfront Parkway was a one-week “living rendering” designed and organized by Street Plans to allay fears about loss of parking and demonstrate how the underutilized parking lots could be transformed into a viable public space. Using a small grant, Street Plans convened nearly 30 downtown stakeholders to support and contribute to the 3/4 acre project, which was built in less than a day.

The pop-up park not only provided a natural expansion of Bayfront Park, it also helped calm traffic on the 8-lane boulevard, which acts as a barrier between the park and the growing number of residents and businesses along Biscayne Boulevard.

This Tactical Urbanism project brought thousands of people to the space, which was activated by planned and spontaneous activities throughout the week, including live music, yoga, food trucks, exercise equipment, and public seating. The project allayed fears about the loss of parking spaces, while also galvanizing the community in support of fast tracking the permanent implementation of the park.


Before: Six 100’ wide, parking-filled medians separate downtown Miami from Bayfront Park.

After: Implemented in just a few hours, Bayfront Parkway instantly added needed park space in downtown Miami.