Bicycle Master Plan | Westminster, CO

Type: Bicycle Master Plan

Size: 34 Square Miles

Status: Implementation Underway

With The City of Westminster and its citizens, Street Plans completed the City’s first bicycle master plan.

With over 100,000 residents, Westminster plays a key role in advancing sustainable transportation for the entire Denver metro region. The City presently maintains an extensive 74-mile shared use path network, but had not yet implemented a viable on-street bikeway network. Moreover, wayfinding remains difficult and the city’s principal network of arterial streets makes bicycling very uncomfortable for all but the most experienced bicyclists.

The Westminster 2030 Bicycle Master Plan introduces five new contextually appropriate bikeway types to make the city friendlier for all bicyclists. The proposed network is designed to connect all major commercial centers, residential neighborhoods, recreation amenities, and transit hubs. The network is also designed to connect to all planned and existing bikeways in neighboring municipalities, thereby contributing to a robust regional bikeway system.

Street Plans employed an innovative public outreach effort that included a dynamic website integrated with a strong social media interface. The project website,, included a news blog, public input mapping tool, a twitter feed, links to the project Facebook page and all relevant local and regional planning documents. This strategy helped the planning team garner input from those unable to attend the two bicycle summits, thereby enabling the planning team to recommend a bikeway network sensitive to a diverse community of Westminster residents and their interests.

Intended to be implemented immediately, the city’s first on-street bike lane was striped within less than a year of the plan’s adoption. View the full plan HERE

Westminster,CO Bicycle Master Plan_img1