Bristol, CT Conceptual Bike Plan

Type: Downtown Master Plan
Size: 500 acres
Status: Plan Adopted, Implementation Underway

Bristol Rising is an innovative, crowd-sourced downtown redevelopment and placemaking plan led by the development firm Renaissance Downtowns.

Street Plans was hired by Renaissance Downtowns to address strong stakeholder support for increased bicycling in downtown Bristol. In response, Street Plans designed a conceptual Bicycle Network Plan connecting the city’s intown residential neighborhoods, downtown Bristol, and the city’s four major parks. Through the use of the conceptual bike shed, the network plan reveals just how many destinations may be reach within a short 5-7 minute bicycle ride. 

The Bristol Rising plan is intended to serve as a road map for the recovery of Bristol’s once vibrant and historic mixed-use urban core, which was largely compromised by a 1960s urban renewal policy that resulted in harmful building demolition and general disinvestment. The master plan calls for redeveloping numerous downtown parcels with a variety of mixed-use and residential buildings, and creating active public spaces framed by a network of bicycle and pedestrian-friendly streets. View the full plan HERE

Bristol Conceptual Bikeway Plan