Coral Gables Bicycle Pedestrian Plan | Coral Gables, FL

Type: Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

Size: Citywide (49,000 population, 37.2 sq. miles)

Status: Complete 

Though it is not known for its bicycle or pedestrian infrastructure, in 2010 the Coral Gables City Commission took the historic decision to invest $400,000 in the expansion of bicycle facilities around the city. At that time, the city also embarked on an ambitious public works campaign to repave city streets and implement traffic calming projects around the city. Regionally, the city is a linchpin between the City of Miami to the north and east and the rest of the county to the west.

As the number of residents in the city increases it is natural that the city seek to improve transportation choices in line with national best practices. Almost 20% of the residents and visitors to the city on a daily basis are on foot or bike. As such the primary purpose of this study is to identify the projects that can be implemented with the initial $400,000 investment in the short term, while also identifying bicycle and pedestrian investments that can be made in the years ahead. For this initial investment, this study recommended the implementation of a bike lane along the most heavily used route in the city, from Salzedo in the downtown core, to University Drive, straight to the University of Miami Campus.

Another main recommendation of the report are safe and convenient connections to the M-Path. The 9 Mile M-Path runs through the heart of Coral Gables and is a major regional bicycle and pedestrian facility. View the full plan HERE