Bike-Friendly Community Application | Miami, FL

Type: Bicycle Friendly Community Application

Size: 34 Square Miles

Status: Completed, Honorable Mention Awarded

Miami Bike-Friendly Community App_overview09In 2008, the City of Miami was ranked by Bicycling Magazine as one of the top three worst US cities for bicycling.

The 2008 Miami Bicycle Action Plan, created with the participation of Street Plans’ Mike Lydon, prioritized a number of policy changes and set short-term goals to help improve the city’s overall bicycling conditions. One of the stated goals included achieving Bicycle-Friendly Community status by 2012 , as designated by the League of American Bicyclists.

With the early success of the 2008 Action Plan and considerable progress achieved through the implementation of the 2009 Bicycle Master Plan, the City of Miami applied for BFC status in 2011 and earned an ‘Honorable Mention.’ While not the desired outcome per se, the notice, alongside being ranked the 44th most bicycle-friendly city in the US,  demonstrated great progress.

Through another year of ongoing bicycle infrastructure development, encouragement and education programs, and the planning of a new bike-share system, the City of Miami earned a Bronze level BFC designation in 2012. The city also climbed 10 spots to #34 in Bicycling Magazine’s rankings. View the plan HERE and the proposed bicycle network HERE