Trailnet Regional Streets For Everyone Design Guide | St. Louis Region

Type: Street Design Guide

Size: St. Lous Region

Status: Complete 

Trailnet, the St. Louis region’s leading bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organization, retained Street Plans to develop a regional bicycle and pedestrian design guide entitled Streets for Everyone.

The multi-modal guide includes a variety of best practice policy and design responses calibrated to typical urban, suburban, and rural land use/transportation conditions found in the St. Louis region.

To best illustrate possible and desired physical transformations, Street Plans developed before and after plans, sections, and photosimulation renderings to communicate desired outcomes. Complimenting the physical design solutions are a variety of infographics, case studies, and best practice descriptions that substantiate a more balanced approach to the region’s pressing active transportation challenges.

The guide will be used to educate the St. Louis region’s citizens, planning professionals, and political leaders. It will also be used to advocate for a more economically prosperous and equitable region, one that focuses on the creation of streets designed for everyone. Click HERE to view and download the guide.