Miami Beach Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan & Street Design Guide

Type: Bicycle Plan and Design Guide

Size: Citywide (91,000 population, 18.7 sq. miles)

Status: Complete


The City of Miami Beach hired Street Plans to retrofit its street network in favor of bicycle, pedestrian, and transit. The multi-phase and multi-project effort resulted in a holistic and comprehensive redesign of the Miami Beach street network with an emphasis on the policies that help implement the city’s new transportation priorities. While the project builds on previous mobility, bicycle, pedestrian, and traffic safety studies, the project brief required the planning team to introduce and advance a number of new street design and infrastructure types to better accommodate a wider variety of travelers. 
A centerpiece of this ambitious plan is the establishment of city-wide mode share goals, the first project to propose such specific goals in Miami-Dade County. These goals seek to double the number of bicyclists traveling in and around Miami Beach over the next decade. The plan includes detailed section and plan view drawings to illustrate dozens of specific project recommendations. 
In addition to the new Master Plan, the project included a new Street Design Guide recommending new policies and programs, including the establishment of bicycle priority streets, pedestrian priority zones, and detailed guidance for the implementation of “complete streets.”. The Street Design guide also supports the implementation section of the Master Plan with detailed instructions for retrofitting typical conditions found across the city. 
The plan was adopted in 2016 and the city has been aggresively implementing lanes ever since. In 2017 Street Plans started working closely with the City of Miami Beach to further design and implement priority “quick build” projects, including the creation of a new pedestrian plaza at Rue Vendome.