Downtown Master Plan | Brunswick, ME


Type: Downtown and Corridor Master Plan 

Size: n/a

Status: Implementation Underway

The Street Plans Collaborative worked alongside The Project for Public Spaces in completing a downtown and corridor vision plan in Brunswick, Maine, a historic college town that has long served as the gateway to the State’s beautiful mid-coast region. 

The planning and design team worked alongside the Town and its residents to establish a vision plan for the Pleasant Street corridor, downtown Brunswick, and the surrounding neighborhoods. The project links transportation with land use and public space design to stimulate smart urban growth in one of Maine’s most historic coastal town centers. 

The Street Plans Collaborative helped lead two weeks of public outreach workshops and developed a physical vision for Pleasant Street, a historic corridor currently degraded by an auto-centric land use pattern. To better articulate the town’s vision for a more walkable, bicycle-friendly, and vibrant community, Street Plans also produced a thoroughfare typology guide. The guide assigns ten thoroughfare types to help the community connect street design to appropriate land use decisions in a manner that balances the needs of all road users. View the full plan HERE

BrunswickMEMasterPlan_ Destination Street