Cambridge in Motion | Cambridge, MA

Type: Senior/Transportation Accessibility Study

Size: n/a

Status: Complete

Street Plans helped SCM Community Transportation develop a new program called Cambridge in Motion (CIM), an innovative program to improve access to transportation for senior citizens and persons with disabilities. In recognition of the isolation and other barriers experienced by seniors and people with disabilities, CIM developed and provided a user-friendly system that would connect all of those who live, work, visit, or worship in Cambridge to safe, reliable, accessible and cost- effective community-based transportation. To meet the objectives, Street Plans helped assemble a workgroup comprised of an array of community partners and regional transportation agencies including representatives from SCM Community Transportation, the Cambridge Health Alliance, the Cambridge Council on Aging, the Cambridge Commission for Persons with Disabilities, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), and the Charles River Transportation Management Association (TMA).
 The Initial CIM mobility management program was first conceived in 2009 and is funded by the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Work Without Limits initiative. The Proof of Concept phase, which was completed in March, 2011 worked to remove transportation barriers for persons with disabilities seeking access to employment. It also delivered a pilot platform for mobility management across constituencies. To ascertain the community’s needs, Street Plans conducted a a community needs assessment and a complete inventory of transportation options within Cambridge, and the greater Boston region. The resulting pilot, reflected through a Google Voice call center platform, was used to assist customers with identifying their optimal transportation solution based on their priorities (funding, accessibility, time).