City Walk Broad Street Pedestrian + Bicycle Demonstration Project | Providence, RI

Type: Tactical Urbanism Demonstration Projects

Size: 3 city blocks

Status: Complete

Street Plans led the development and implementation of the City Walk public engagement strategy. In this role Street Plans developed public workshop plans, conducted focus group and stakeholder interviews, and lead all aspects of a delivery a large-scale demonstration project along Broad Street, one of Rhode Island’s most dangerous corridors. As the signature piece of the engagement strategy, the demonstration project was designed to temporarily showcase and obtain feedback for the cycling, walking, and public space elements being considered as part of the City Walk implementation plan – an effort to connect multiple neighborhoods throughout the City of Providence.

Street Plans was responsible for all aspects of the demonstration project including creating the striping and traffic management plan; developing and executing the build plan, obtaining permits and approvals; implementing the street closure; executing the traffic pattern change with temporary signage and markings; and marking out curb extensions and plazas for local artists to paint.

Working with planning team and a wide range of other collaborators, Street Plans designed and implemented a two-way protected bike lane along a three block stretch, terminating at a complex intersection where curb extensions were installed and painted with colorful murals in partnership with local artists. Implementing the protected bike lane on Broad Street involved temporarily shifting the center line of the street and installing a floating parking lane with “wave delineators”, gaps for driveways, and safety signage. Two large pedestrian plazas were also created, reclaiming more than 6,000 sq. feet of street space with painted murals, and movable tables, chairs and umbrellas.

The community-build day occurred on June 15th and 16th, 2018. Volunteers, children, and local passersby from the neighborhood all pitched in to help paint the large-scale murals. The demonstration was part of a multi-phase outreach effort informing the City’s plan to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety and connectivity in the City of Providence. By documenting the positive response to the temporary changes during the demonstration day, community input will directly influence more permanent changes to Broad Street as part of City Walk implementation in Spring/Summer 2019.

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