Completed Lectures + Workshops | Anthony Garcia


  • Lecture, South Florida Safe Streets Summit, Hollywood, FL, February, 2023
  • Cintas Exhibit, Coral Gables Museum, Coral Gables, FL, May 2023
  • Keynote, Colorado Association of State Transit Agencies Anual Conference, Crested Butte, CO, September 2023
  • Moderator / Presenter, Florida APA Annual Conference, Jacksonville, FL, September 2023
  • Moderator / Presenter, Asphalt Art 101, Internation Downtown Association, Chicago, IL, October 2023


  • Panelist, Civic Leadership Series, Ferre Institute, Florida International University, December 2022
  • Webinar Panelist, RailVolution, Miami, FL, October 31st
  • Keynote, Ernest Bartley Memorial Lecture, University of Florida, October 6th
  • Virginia Walkability Action Institute Presentation, March 2022


  • Webinar, Redesigning Streets Post-Pandemic, Redesigning Cities: Speedwell Foundation Talks, Georgia Tech, December 2021
  • Webinar, Quickbuild Best Practices, Institute Transportation Engineers, August 19th
  • Keynote, StreetVis Urban Action Conference, April, 2021
  • Webinar, Quick-builds in Rural Contexts, San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Commission, March 10th


  • Webinar, RailVolution Miami, October 28th
  • Webinar Panel, Covid-19 Streets TPS, October 14th
  • Webinar, Urban Land Institute, September 11th
  • Workshop, Irish Architecture Foundation, July 2nd
  • Webinar, Sprawl Repair, CNU 28, June 13th
  • Panelist, Miami Center for Architecture and Design, June 5th
  • Transportation Urban Mobility Initiative, May 26th
  • Webinar, ITE, May 11th
  • Webinar, Using Quick-Build to Create Resilient Streets and Public Spaces, San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Commission, April 7th
  • “A Vehicle of Changemaking,” The Movement Podcast, March 2020
  • Webinar, Transportation Research Board, March 4th
  • Lecture, Transportation Research Board, Washington D.C., January 13th


  • Lecture, “Tactical Urbanism 101,” Florida International University, January
  • Workshop, Tactical Urbanism Legacy Project, Louisville, KY, March
  • Interview, “Urban Planning Changemakers,” Miami, FL, March
  • Lecture and Tour, “Tactical Urbanism and Placemaking,”  National Town Builders Association, Miami, FL, April 
  • Keynote, “Tactical Urbanism and Economic Revitalization,” Sacramento Council of Government Civic Lab, Sacramento, CA, April 
  • Workshop, Kalihi Quickbuild, Honolulu, HI, April
  • Panel, Urbanism Summit, Coral Gables, FL, April
  • Lecture, Richmond Walkability Institute, Richmond, VA, May
  • Lecture, “Reimagining Cities Tactically,” Idea Center, Miami-Dade College, June
  • Keynote, “Tactical Transit,” Transportation Resources Board, Falmouth, MA, June
  • Tactical Urbanism: Short-term Action for Long-term Change Book Launch, Strelka Institute, Moscow, Russia, May
  • Keynote, “How Communities Take Urban Environments Into Their Own Hands,” Strelka, Moscow, Russia, May
  • Webinar, “Tactical Transit,” Transportation Resources Board, September
  • Presentation, “Tactical Transit,” APTA, New York, NY October
  • Podcast, The Overhead Wire, October 2019
  • Podcast, “Pioneers @ MDC,” The Idea Center, Miami-Dade College, October 2019
  • Panel, Asphalt Art, Citylab, Washington DC, October 2019
  • Keynote/Lecture/Master Class/Symposium/Salon: Tactical Urbanism, Tokyo, Japan, December 8th – 12th


  • Presentation, “Street Design,” Miami Beach Neighborhoods Forum, Miami Beach, FL, February
  • Presentation, Safe Streets Summit, Miami, FL, February
  • Keynote, Georgia Walks Summit, Rome, GA, March
  • Presentation, “Quick-builds for better bikeways,” National APA Conference, New Orleans, LA, April
  • Workshop, 100RC, Parque del Norte, Santa Fe, Argentina, April
  • Presentation, “Charla Abierta, Urbanismo Tactico,” Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Santa Fe, Argentina, April
  • Keynote, “Tactical Resilience,” Greater New Orleans Foundation, April
  • Presentation, Wexford Placemaking Study, Baltimore, MD, May
  • Lecture, AMPO, Using Tactical Urbanism at the MPO Level, Savannah, GA, May
  • Workshop, Tactical Urbanism Civic Innovation Lab, Peoria, IL, May 
  • Keynote, “Scaling Up: Making Big Small Plans,” Peoria, IL, May
  • Lecture, Places for Bikes, Quick-Builds for Change, Indianapolis, In, May 
  • Lecture, Miami-Dade College, Placemaking + Art, Miami, FL, August
  • Lecture, Inter-American Development Bank, Placemaking, Medellin, Colombia, September
  • Workshop, Inter-American Development Bank, Tactical Urbanism, Medellin, Colombia, September
  • Workshop, Honolulu Tactical Urbanism, September


  • Keynote, Building Our City, Asheville, NC, November
  • Keynote, New Jersey Complete Streets Summit, October
  • Keynote, DICE Conference, Reno, Nevada, September
  • Moderator, Live Ride Share Summit, “Park Space and Mobility,” Miami, August
  • Panelist, Ford/VICE The Third Industrial Revolution Premier, Miami, August
  • Keynote, Smart Cities LATAM Conference, Puebla, Mexico, July
  • Lecture, Association of Bicycle Pedestrian Professionals, “Understanding the Quickbuild Process,” Memphis, June
  • Lecture, “Placemaking for Rural Communities,” Indiantown, Florida, May
  • Lecture, “Rethinking the Charrette,” Congress for the New Urbanism, Seattle, May
  • Lecture, “The Tactical Urbanist’s Guide to Civic Engagement, Materials & Street Design,” Congress for the New Urbanism, Seattle, May
  • Keynote, AARP New York, “Getting things Done: The Ludlam Trail Story”, Albany, March 
  • Workshop, Tactical Urbanist’s Guide to Materials and Design, West Palm Beach, February 14th
  • Workshop, Tactical Urbanist’s Guide to Materials and Design, Akron, Ohio, February 14th
  • Keynote, Seaside Prize, Seaside, Florida, February 25th



  • Presentation, “A New Model of Community Engagement,” Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners, November
  • Keynote, “Creating the next American City,” TEDx Indianapolis, October
  • Presentation, “Waterfront activation and Tactical Urbanism,” Reconnecting our Waterways, Indianapolis, IN, October 
  • Presentation, “The rise of Trail Oriented Development,” Miami Real Estate Brokers Forum, October 
  • Presentation, “Tactical trail activation,” Coral Gables Rotary, September
  • Presentation, “Tactical Urbanism Cultural Context and History,” Congress for the New Urbanism 23, Dallas, TX, June 1st
  • Presentation, “Tactical Urbanism for West Kendall,” Healthy West Kendall, Baptist Health System, Miami, FL, September
  • Presentation, “Charting a better way forward,” Miami Beach Neighborhoods United,  March
  • Tactical Urbanism Book Release + Signing, Barnes and Noble, New York City, March 18th
  • Tactical Urbanism Book Release + Signing, Books and Books, Coral Gables, March


  • Presentation, “Incorporating Tactical Urbanism into Municipal Processes,” Good Government Initiative Seminar, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, November 14th
  • Host, “Envisioning a better Process,” Ludlam Trail Town Hall, South Miami Senior High, Miami, FL, November 
  • Lecture, “Land Use as Transportation Infrastructure,” University of Miami Lecture, Miami, FL, September 14th
  • Lecture, “On the Underline,” The Underline Ride, Miami, FL, June 
  • Presentation, “The Underline: New Trail Vision in Miami,” Miami Center for Architecture and Design, Miami, FL June 
  • Panel, “Green mobility options on the horizon,” Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Panel, Miami, FL, June 10th
  • Tactical Urbanism 202: CNU 22: The Resilient Community, Buffalo, NY, June 4th
  • Presentation, “Better Streets for Coconut Grove,” Coconut Grove Village Council, Miami, FL, April 29th
  • Panel, “How Technology is Changing The Way We Live and Work in Cities,” University of Miami School of Communications Live Stream, March 28th
  • Presentation, “Building a culture of advocacy,” Key West Sustainability Series, Key West, FL, March 10th
  • Presentation, “Complete Streets: Pushing the Envelope,” Miami AIA, Miami, FL, March 6th
  • Interview, The Wes Blackman Show, Radio Show, January 24th
  • Presentation, Citizens Independent Transportation Trust, Miami, FL, January


  • Workshop, Coral Gables Bicycle Pedestrian Plan 
  • Presentation, “Transportation Governance Reform,” Citizens Independent Transportation Trust, Miami, FL, March 20th
  • Lecture, “Housing, Infrastructure and transportation,” University of Miami School of Architecture Graduate, Miami, FL, March 18th
  • Presentation, “Tactical Transit,” Purple Line, Miami, FL, March 3rd
  • Presentation, “Regional Transportation in Miami-Dade,” CNU-Florida Statewide Meeting, Miami, FL, February


  • Masterclass, “Introduction to Multimodal Transportation,” University of Miami, November
  • Presentation, “Connecting South Dade,” City of Pinecrest Transit Meeting, 10 November
  • Workshop, “Outreach and communications via digital tools,” City of El Paso, TX, October 3rd
  • Presentation, “Tactical Urbanism,” Florida APA Conference, Naples, FL, September 12th
  • Article, “Bright Minds, Human Scaled City,” Next American City, May 
  • Presentation, “Tactical Urbanism Panel,” Congress for the New Urbanism 20, West Palm Beach, FL, May 12th
  • Presentation, “Urban Freeways: Devastation and Opportunity,” Congress for the New Urbanism 20, West Palm Beach, FL, May 11th
  • Op-Ed, “The Greening of Biscayne Boulevard,” Miami Herald, March 2nd
  • Panel, “Miami’s Urban Renaissance,” Social Media Week, Miami, FL, February
  • Tactical Urbanism Volume 2, Street Plans Press, February 
  • Presentation, “Sustainability in Miami,” 2012 Leadership Miami Conference, Miami, FL, February
  • Op-Ed, “Make Streets Safer for All,” Miami Herald, February 27th
  • Forum, “A New Vision of Open Space,” Urban Environment League Open Space, Miami, FL, January


  • Forum,“Gambling with the Future: Casino Resorts in Miami,” Urban Environment League, December
  • “Charter Reform Must Address Transportation,” Huffington Post, November 
  • Debate Host, Urban Environment League District 7, May 
  • Urban Environment League Orchid Award for Transit Activism, May 
  • Co-Host, Paul White Lecture, University of Miami School of Architecture, Green Mobility Network


  • Roundtable Discussion, “Urban Policy and City Planning,” Miami Fellows Initiative, January


  • “Move Miami: The Future of Transit in Miami”, Connect Florida Panel, August 


  • Lecture, “Marlins Stadium Planning,” Urban Environment League, August


  • “Havana: the Caribbean City – the evolution of urban codes and forms,” University of Miami