East Portland Connectivity Charrette

Project Status: Complete
Proposed interventions for a shared street on 10th Street

In March 2019 Street Plans held a two day charrette in East Portland, Louisville as part of the CNU legacy charrettes in anticipation of the 27th Congress for the New Urbanism. The purpose of the charrette was to find ways to accelerate improved connectivity to and within the East Portland neighborhood, with a strong focus on making meaningful connections to the ongoing capital project, “Waterfront Park Phase IV”.

Street Plans met with a variety of stakeholders, including the East Portland Neighborhood Association, the Downtown Association, Louisville Art Center, and Mercer Shipping. Among the main challenges identified were the abundance of surface parking lots, lack of food options within walking distance, and lack of connections to the Louisville Loop and the future Waterfront Park. 

As part of the public meetings, five main projects and a handful of smaller interventions were identified to address these challenges using low cost, interim design materials.