El Paso SmartCode Applications | El Paso, TX

Type: SmartCode Applications

Size: Varies

Status: Complete

Following the passage of the El Paso Comprehensive Plan, Street Plans was tasked with producing a series of SmartCode applications for key locations around the city. As with previous El Paso SmartCode work, Street Plans based the applications on the area master plan work accomplished in one of the many multi-week long charrettes during the comprehensive plan process. Each master plan is now codified under the SmartCode using a custom designed SmartCode Application, which are used by the City Economic Development Department to promote growth in infill areas and fully leverage ongoing transit investments with the best possible complimentary land use. 
While the Comprehensive plan process sets out the vision for many areas around the City, the SmartCode applications enshrine that vision into law. They translate the language of urban design into the language of land development and zoning regulations. The applications produced by Street Plans include the Northgate greyfield mall site, the historic infill community of Mission Valley/Ysleta, and 2-mile stretch of Zaragosa Boulevard and surrounding areas. Each is an exciting opportunity to retrofit typical suburban and urban conditions with traditional urban forms and functions.