Health District Bicycle + Pedestrian Study l Miami, FL

Type: Bicycle and Pedestrian District Study

Size: Approx. 1 sq. mile

Status: Completed

Teaming with HNTB, The Street Plans Collaborative completed a detailed bicycle and pedestrian study for Miami’s Health District. This approximately one-square mile area is
home to many of the region’s hospitals and medical research facilities, as well as the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine.

As a large regional employment center, pedestrian and bicycle mobility is an essential component to the area’s continued development and transportation demand management strategy.

Street Plans conducted bicycle and pedestrian counts in nine locations, and analyzed the districts existing physical conditions as they relate to bicycle and pedestrian movement, bicycle parking, and the quality of public space. View the full study HERE. 

MiamiHealth DistrictStudy_Metro-rail Diagram 1-4 mile Ped Shed