JC Walks Pedestrian Enhancement Plan | Jersey City, NJ

Type: Tactical Urbanism Demonstration Projects

Size: Six Corridors, Citywide

Status: Complete

Street Plans was hired by the City of Jersey City to plan and implement six walkability workshops as a subconsultant to Fitzgerald & Halliday Inc. The workshops gathered feedback from residents to inform the City of Jersey City’s forthcoming Pedestrian Enhancement Plan. 

To kick off the public engagement process, pop-up public meetings were held at three different locations across Jersey City in late August and early September of 2017. Street Plans led the implementation of three parklets and helped Fitzgerald & Halliday Inc. disseminate surveys to residents to help plan the subsequent walkabilty workshops. 

In October and November of 2017, Street Plans worked closely with Fitzgerald & Halliday Inc. to plan and implement six walkability workshops, one in each of Jersey City’s wards. Based upon feedback from the pop-up public meetings and data analysis conducted by Fitzgerald & Halliday Inc., the workshop locations were carefully selected along corridors identified as unsafe for pedestrians. 

For each workshop, Street Plans designed and facilitated temporary curb extensions, which included a public-feedback board, tables and chairs, wayfinding signage, planters, and colorful paint. In addition to gathering feedback from residents at the project sites, the demonstration projects were part of the larger walkability workshop and tour with local residents and stakeholders. The curb extensions allowed residents to experience first-hand a potential safety improvement project and provide input for the creation of the City of Jersey City’s Pedestrian Enhancement Plan.