Jean Lafitte, LA Town Resiliency Plan

 Type: Town Master Plan

Size: 6.3 square miles

Status: Complete


The town of Jean Lafitte is a centuries old settlement located along Bayou Barataria, approximately 22 miles south of New Orleans.

The Jean Lafitte Town Resiliency Plan was developed to help the town overcome converging economic and environmental challenges related to hurricane recovery and increased flooding due to coastal erosion and sea level rise. Street Plans joined the Town Resiliency planning team, led by Dover Kohl & Partners, to provide bicycle and pedestrian design and planning services.

The Bicycle Network Plan seeks to establish Jean Lafitte Boulevard and Privateer Boulevard as bike-friendly corridors. The Plan also includes locations for bicycle parking and proposes utilizing the existing and proposed levee system for the creation of shared use paths facilitating recreation and transportation between neighborhoods, parks, schools, and downtown Jean Lafitte.

While some sidewalks currently exist in Jean Lafitte’s core, the Pedestrian Network Plan prioritizes the addition of sidewalks and crosswalks connecting adjacent neighborhoods with the recreational, civic and commercial amenities located in downtown Jean Lafitte. In conjunction with larger land use and urban design strategies, both plans also look to facilitate a more walkable and bikeable environment by reducing Jean Lafitte Boulevard’s design speed.