Lifelong Communities Demonstration Project | Atlanta, GA


Type: Tactical Urbanism Demonstration Project

Size: Two blocks

Status: Complete

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) “Living Beyond Expectations” Lifelong Community Demonstration Project temporarily transformed two blocks of Auburn Avenue in Atlanta’s Historic Old 4th Ward neighborhood into a model Lifelong Community – a healthy, walkable place with housing, transportation and service options for people of all ages. 

To begin the project and initiate public engagement, Street Plans facilitated a “Living Beyond Expectations” Visioning Workshop, inviting stakeholders from across the Atlanta region to share ideas and become actively involved in shaping the demonstration project. Then, over the course of three days, Street Plans worked with stakeholders and volunteers to temporarily transform Auburn Avenue using inexpensive or donated materials and engaging programming. The transformation included a number of mobility enhancements, such as a protected bike lane, with improved pavement markings and footrests for cyclists stopped at intersections. Volunteers also installed over a dozen pedestrian wayfinding signs indicating estimated walk times to key destinations. These enhancements demonstrated potential improvements to active transportation infrastructure in preparation for the new street car route that was set to open soon on the corridor.

In addition to mobility enhancements, the project included wellness programming, such as yoga classes and capoeira demonstrations, new public spaces complete with seating and shade, participatory art projects, and an ideation wall inviting attendees to share their thoughts about what makes a neighborhood a true “Lifelong Community.” 

This demonstration project allowed planners, community leaders, neighbors and individuals from throughout the Atlanta region to work together to create a tangible demonstration of the concepts and practices that create a community that works for people of all ages.

Check out a video of the project below!