Miami 2030 Bicycle Master Plan | Miami, FL

Type: Bicycle Master Plan

Size: Citywide (417,000 population, 35 sq. miles)

Status: Complete, implementation underway (Click here to view the plan)

The City of Miami was ranked by Bicycling Magazine as one of the top three worst cities for bicycling in 2008. Building from previous advocacy and planning efforts with the City of Miami, Street Plans was hired in 2009 to complete the city’s first comprehensive bicycle master plan.

With a goal of putting a bikeway within a 1/4 mile of every Miami resident, the ambitious 20-year master plan expands a baseline of 15 disconnected miles of existing bicycle facilities to a network of more than 280 miles. To make this happen, the Plan introduces five new bikeway types and includes a bicycle parking plan that offers 3,000 new parking spaces along with parking type and placement guidance. Structured on the League of American Bicyclists’ 6 E’s, The 2030 Plan also includes extensive education, evaluation, and encouragament program recommendations.

The Miami Bicycle Master Plan is also helping guide infrastructure investments in the City of Miami. Early successes include the implementation of miles of new bicycle lanes, the application of the city’s first Shared Use Lane Markings (sharrows), the adoption of a Complete Streets policy, the continuation of Bike Miami Days, a new mountain bike course, and a safety awareness campaign demonstrating the benefits of bicycling.

In 2010, Miami was removed from Bicycling Magazine’s top three worst list and added to the top 50 list (#44). It also received a Bicycle-Friendly Community Honorable Mention in 2011. In 2012, the city climbed in the rankings to #34 and was awarded with a BFC Bronze designation. View the full plan HERE

Miami2030 Bicycle Master Plan_BikeLanes