Miami Bicycle Action Plan | Miami, FL

Type: Bicycle Action Plan

Size: 34 Square Miles

Status: Implementation Underway

Street Plans Principal Mike Lydon served as a primary author of the City of Miami’s first Bicycle Action Plan. The Plan identifies numerous goals, actions, policies, and programs intended to make Miami safer and more inviting for bicyclists. 
In October of 2008, the Miami City Commission unanimously adopted the Bicycle Action Plan. The Plan has since transformed Miami into a more bicycle-friendly city. Early implementation accomplishments include hiring a bicycle coordinator, expanding the bicycle parking supply in several neighborhoods, the inclusion of bikeway infrastructure in city projects, adopting a complete streets ordinance, building an awareness campaign through the innovative use of existing bus shelters, and creating Bike Miami Days, a signature open streets initiative. 
The Bicycle Action Plan also called for the completion of a comprehensive bicycle master plan, which was completed by Street Plans in September of 2009, and the attainment of Bicycle-Friendly Community Status by 2012. Right on schedule, the City received this designation in October of 2012. Click HERE to view the plan.