Alders OK “​Safe Routes” Active Transit Plan

Street Plans led the planning process and production of the City of New Haven’s Safe Routes for All Citywide Active Transportation Plan, a comprehensive and equity-driven blueprint for pedestrian, transit, and bicycle improvements.

Kicked off with a series of six pilot projects installed in Summer 2019, the Plan was formally adopted on September 6, 2022 by the City’s Board of Alders. The document includes an analysis of all 1,500+ of the City’s intersections, a proposed bicycle network, and a typology of the City’s bus stops for ‘tactical transit’ improvements. Street Plans and the City will install Quick Build pedestrian safety improvements at a priority intersection identified in the Plan in late September.

See the article in the New Haven Independent here and read more about the project here.

Lead photo credit: Laura Glesby, Featured: Kai Addae & Max Chaoulideer at City Hall hearing.