DOT may eliminate cars from Prospect Park gateway in Grand Army revamp

The city DOT may soon ban cars from the entrance to Prospect Park, as part of a plan to boost biking and walking by radically reducing the number of vehicles passing through busy Grand Army Plaza.

City Transportation Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez has said “the future of New York City is car-free,” but Brooklyn-based street design consultant Mike Lydon said eliminating cars from the circle entirely would be difficult to pull off given the traffic demand.

“It’s a very complicated junction. I think you could probably take a fair amount of space on the plaza streets, around the whole exterior/perimeter. Those are a bit redundant,” Lydon said.

DOT is only seeking feedback at the moment and has not begun drawing up actual design proposals, a spokesman said on Thursday. Interested members of the public can register their thoughts with an online survey.

See full article in the New York Post here.

Adobe Stock Image of Grand Army Plaza

November 17, 2022