Hazelwood Green Project Featured On The Urbanist Podcast

In a recent episode of The Urbanist podcast focused on urban transformation in the United States, Street Plans partner U3 Advisors discussed our joint initiatives, along with Almono and Tishman Speyer, at the Hazelwood Green development in Pittsburgh, PA.

A few highlights from the conversation:

“Vision was to develop Hazelwood Green in a way that would be environmentally sustainable for generations, to provide a template or a substrate for equitable, affordable development that provided economic and financial benefits to this historic neighborhood that had worked at the site for so many years, and to do it in a way that displayed excellence in design, sustainability, equity and affordability.”

“We spent a lot of time thinking about the nature of our partnership with the residents of the neighborhood, with their community leaders. Ways that we can make the site culturally and physically accessible, equitable and participatory.  We do that in the way that we program our public spaces really deliberately, we do that in the way that we took in feedback and engagement around the masterplan for the Riverfront and we do it in a host of other programmatic ways.”

The Street Plans team was brought in to lead programming and events for the project at the developmentā€™s primary public space, Hazelwood Green Plaza.

In response to community feedback, and acknowledging the historical and cultural sensitivity of the site in its relationship to the Hazelwood neighborhood, Street Plans created the Hazelwood Local initiative as a way to also highlight the efforts of neighborhood organizations, and drive patronage to neighborhood businesses while promoting its own events. We highlight just some of these community champions and changemakers here.