Street Plans’ Principal Tony Garcia Speaks at Georgia Walks Summit

Street Plans’ Principal Tony Garcia was a keynote speaker at the Georgia Walks Summit on March 15-16. The annual summit, hosted by a pedestrian advocacy group called PEDS, brings together state transportation and public health officials, elected officials, and community advocates to share ideas and projects for more walkable communities. 

Tony spoke about how Tactical Urbanism can be used to widen public engagement, test ideas, and more quickly implement projects that improve pedestrian safety.

A recent article talks about Tony’s keynote discussion: “Tactical urbanism, according to Garcia, creates wider public engagement, expedites the delivery of a public benefit, and allows people to see what alternatives look like. The approach permits cities to experiment with ideas before committing to infrastructure changes. Garcia said cities must understand that they must make adjustments and follow-ups as the effects of the project are documented.” 

Click here to read the full article. 


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