Implementation Underway for Street Plans’ Miami Beach Master Plan

The City of Miami Beach hired Street Plans to develop a Bicycle Master Plan and Street Design Guide. The plan was approved in 2016 and implementation is already officially underway as Miami-Dade County and the City of Miami Beach received its first protected bike lane along West Avenue in South Beach. 

An article in the Miami-Herald highlights the protected bike lanes. Street Plans’ principal Tony Garcia is quoted saying: “Somebody had to take that first leap, and Miami Beach as our cycling mecca was the most appropriate to take that on. The city is going for it in a big way.”

Many more components of the plan will soon be built as Street Plans is working closely with the City of Miami Beach and the Green Mobility Network, a local nonprofit, to further design and implement priority “Quick Build” projects throughout Miami-Dade County. 

The full article discussing the new protected bike lanes can be found HERE