Pedestrian Scramble Intersections were a Success in Riverside, CA













On Thursday, June 1st, Street Plans, together with Alta Planning & Design, tested diagonal four-way crosswalks, also known as a pedestrian scramble, at three different locations along Mission Inn Avenue in Riverside, CA. StreetFilms documented the project. Click HERE to view the short video.  

Pedestrian scramble intersections prioritize pedestrian safety by stopping all car traffic and allowing people to cross the intersection in any direction that they choose. They create shorter, more direct crossing routes for pedestrians and significantly reduce vehicle conflict with pedestrians while turning. 

The duration of the demonstration and pilot intersections in Riverside varied from a one-day project, to a three-week long test. If the pilot project goes well, the City of Riverside will work to make the diagonal crosswalk permanent. The Tactical Urbanism project also included curb extensions, sidewalk seating, games, art, and interactive feedback stations.

The pedestrian scramble intersections are one of eight Tactical Urbanism projects as a part of the Southern California Association of Government’s (SCAG)2017 Go Human region-wide safety and encouragement campaign.