Street Plans Helps Create A Pop-Up “Streetlet” in Long Beach

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Street Plans partnered with the City of Long Beach and City Fabrick  to create a pop-up demonstration of a “Streetlet” on Saturday, November 12th. A Streetlet is a neighborhood public open space that reimagines underutilized sections of the street to create hubs of community activity. Streetlets could help improve pedestrian connections to major transit corridors and provide places for shade, rest, and programing. The Streetlet demonstration on November 12th allowed the community to see and experience what a Streetlet could look and feel like. The demonstration invited people to enjoy the pop-up public space and provide their input through interactive activities.

This Streetlet demonstration was the 2nd of 6 workshops to accompany the forthcoming Tactical Urbanist’s Guide to Materials & Design. These workshops have the goal of expanding participating agencies’ familiarity and comfort with planning, permitting, and execution of demonstration, pilot, and interim design projects.