Street Plans Holds Final Workshop Before Tactical Urbanism Project in Akron, OH

Last year, Street Plans was awarded a grant from the Knight Foundation to work with the City of Akron and University of Akron to design and construct a three-month pilot project along 9 blocks of Exchange Street in Akron, Ohio. 

Street Plans began the project last September and held the final community workshop and volunteer training session on Saturday, June 2nd. The final design, which includes a protected bike lane, is set to be built with community residents and city leaders between August 11-15. 

Street Plans’ Principal Tony Garcia was recently quoted in an article saying: “It’s been great coaching the city and citizens through the process of designing and building a world class bicycle facility on Exchange [Street] that has already led to improvements in the design of ongoing public works projects and will accelerate the delivery of a much needed project.” 

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