Street Plans + Place Partners Pop-Up Park in Penrith, Australia to Become Permanent







Final Design


Penrith is a regional city on the edge of Metropolitan Sydney, Australia. In 2012, the city commissioned a master plan focused on revitalizing its retail core. Street Plans worked with the Sydney-based consultancy Place Partners to integrate Tactical Urbanism into the master planning implementation process. In the fall of 2013, Street Plans and Place Partners delivered a temporary public park that was in place for a one year trial period. The pilot was designed to test uses and design elements before committing to a fixed design and the associated costs.

Over the course of the year, an independent consulting firm was hired to assess the park’s success. Behavior mapping, business owner engagement and traffic studies were employed as tools for learning. Following a successful one year pilot project, Penrith City Council decided on a final plan to not only make the park permanent, but to also maintain the interim design until construction could begin in the first half of 2017. The pictures above show the space before the project, the interim design, and the final plan for the permanent park as designed by JMD-Design. See this link for more about the project.