Streetsblog Highlights the Success of Biscayne Green


Streetsblog recently published an article reflecting upon the Biscayne Green pilot project. Read more about Street Plans’ project in the Tactical Urbanism projects page of our website here.

“The city recently received a $422,000 Florida DOT grant to study the removal of some traffic lanes. As part of that effort, the Downtown Development Authority and the Knight Foundation recently teamed up to temporarily transform a large parking area along Biscayne Boulevard into a public space called “Biscayne Green.” It looks like it was an enormous success,” says Angie Schmitt from Streetsblog. 

Biscayne Green was the second step in the iterative process to transform Biscayne Boulevard. In 2012, Street Plans transformed one parking median on Biscayne Boulevard into public space for one week. In a more robust effort, Biscayne Green transformed two parking medians into public space for three weeks.

With now more political and community support than ever before, Biscayne Boulevard is well on its way to becoming a permanent boulevard designed for people. Click here for the full article.