Tactical Urbanism in Santa Fe, Argentina

Earlier this year, Street Plans hosted a Tactical Urbanism workshop in Santa Fe, Argentina as part of our partnership with 100 Resilient Cities to provide member cities with resilience strategies through low-cost, temporary changes to the built environment. In Santa Fe, the workshop focused on engaging community members and leaders to come up with several demonstration project proposals for the recovery of Parque del Norte, a former sanitary landfill in the northern sector of the city. The goal was to add value to underutilized spaces within Parque del Norte by involving the community through short-term, scalable interventions.

The workshop was kicked off by a presentation on Tactical Urbanism and how its principles can be used to widen public engagement and test ideas, specifically in Parque del Norte. Nearly 40 participants, including the mayor of Santa Fe, business owners, cultural organization representatives, and other community members took part in this initiative. After a site visit, participants formed groups to brainstorm and propose ideas to transform Parque del Norte into an actively-programmed, neighborhood destination.


The proposed interventions included community programming, public art, furniture, lighting, and educational activities about resiliency, recycling, and botanical gardening. In addition, the community proposed to remove parking for the main entrance and create artistic crosswalks to make the park more accessible to pedestrians. The materials used and the community partners involved were also determined.

Photo of Parque del Norte’s main entry during the workshop site visit.

On June 5, World Environment Day, the Chief Resiliency Office gathered the community to plan the build-day for the interventions in Parque del Norte. The activities then took place over the weekend of June 29 as a way to celebrate the 1-year anniversary since the release of Santa Fe’s Resiliency strategy.

Check out a few photos of the final result below:

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