Planetizen Lists Tactical Urbanism As One of the Top 10 Planning Book for 2015











The planning and development news site, Planetizen has honored Tactical Urbanism: Short-term Action for Long-term Change (Island Press) as one of the top planning books published in 2015. From the article:

Tactical Urbanism serves as a how-to guide for activists who want to get in on the action. There’s not a lot of theorizing in Tactical Urbanism, which is probably for the best. Surely future scholars will have a field day with the trends that planners, and citizen-planners, are exploring today. Nowhere are ideas like Henri Lefebvre’s “right to the city” more in question than when citizens take planning into their own hands. For now, though, everyone seems to be rolling up their sleeves and getting out the sidewalk chalk.”

If you are passionate about changing your neighborhood for the better, head out to your local bookstore and get a copy today!