SoHo Broadway Public Realm Framework + Vision Plan Released!

Alongside our client, Street Plans is really excited to share the SoHo Broadway Initiative Public Realm Framework + Vision Plan! Developed alongside Rebecca Karp’s wonderful team at Karp Strategies, the Plan’s framework calls for reducing through traffic and providing much more usable public space. Bolstered by Strategic Initiatives, Tactical Projects, and Supporting Actions, the Plan’s Four Key Moves will deliver on the goal to create the most compelling and inclusive street life in New York City. Read the plan here.

Watch below for Urban Design Forum‘s presentation on the SoHo Broadway Public Realm Vision Plan with Mike Lydon, Rebecca Karp, and Mark Dicus, Executive Director of the SoHo Broadway Initiative:

The plan was also highlighted in Public Square, a CNU Journal: ‘Plan Would Transform SoHo Streetscapes‘ and featured on Pix 11: ‘SoHo group studies quality of life issues — and counts honking cars.

The Street Plans team has worked with SoHo Broadway Initiative to jumpstart implementation with the immediate delivery of “ “Little Prince Plaza”,” a temporary car-free public space to showcase concepts included in the Plan (throughout October 2021).