Street Plans’ Vanessa Rodrigues Lira Joins ARC’s 2023 Culture & Community Design Program Cohort

We’re proud to announce that our Senior Project Manager, Vanessa Rodrigues Lira, will be participating in this year’s ARC Culture and Community Design program cohort in Atlanta, GA.

The Atlanta Regional Council’s (ARC) Culture and Community Design program seeks to advance arts and culture as an essential part of inclusive and equitable planning in communities across metro Atlanta. One way we do this is through an immersive seven-month program where community organizations serving underrepresented populations collaborate with local officials and planners to design projects and planning initiatives focused on arts and culture.

The program’s goals are:

  • Supporting the capacity of underrepresented communities to participate in and lead local and regional planning processes, with ARC as a collaborator and as a conduit to funding and execution;
  • Educating and training artists, culture bearers, planners, designers, and local government officials to collaborate on planning and community engagement projects; and
  • Establishing lessons learned on inclusive, equitable, and creative planning that we can share as best practices for future implementation.

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