Street Plans Wins Excellence in Transportation Award from Caltrans

Each year, Caltrans highlights the best of its work and the work of its partners through the annual Caltrans Excellence in Transportation Awards Program, which celebrates projects that provide positive and measurable improvements in transportation, resulting in a lasting benefit to the state of California.

Street Plans was presented an Excellence in Transportation Award (Category 1 – Multimodal Transportation) from Caltrans for our work on the MOVE Culver City project in 2022 , alongside project partners Sam Schwartz Engineering and TYLin in collaboration with the City of Culver City Transportation Department.

Please learn more about this project’s accomplishments and impact by reading our project description and visiting the project website

Excellence in Transportation Award: Category 1 – Multimodal Transportation

Project Partners: Street Plans, Sam Schwartz Engineering, and TYLin

Screenshot above extracted from Caltrans’ site: