3 Street Plans Projects Nominated for the People’s Choice Awards

Vote for one of Street Plans’ three projects nominated for the People’s Choice Awards, presented on February 2nd at the 5th Annual Safe Streets Summit in West Palm Beach, FL! The award will go to a Complete Streets project in the Southeast Florida region that has promoted safer, more equitable, and livable streets. Click HERE to vote. 

The three Street Plans’ projects nominated include: 

1. Intersection Repair (the result of a Tactical Urbanism Workshop that Street Plans conducted for the City of West Palm Beach):


2. Miami-Dade County’s Quick Build Program (Street Plans is working with Miami-Dade County and other partners to implement 18 tactical urbanism projects across the County.)

3. Plaza 98 Miami Shores Village (Street Plans led the project management/implementation of a temporary mural/plaza, the first project completed in the Miami-Dade County’s Quick Build Program)