Asphalt Art Initiative

Street Plans is excited to announce the release of our latest research project, the Asphalt Art Guide, in collaboration with Bloomberg Associates. The guide is a free resource for cities looking to transform streets and public spaces with art. The guide features over two dozen case studies around the world of transformative, art-driven street design projects and also provides step-by-step guidance to cities and communities looking to create their own asphalt art project.

The research was led by the Street Plans and documented a wide variety of project types and champions and identified key considerations and best practices needed to undertake these kinds of projects.

Among the projects featured are some of Street Plans’ own work, including Rue Vendome and the Coxe Avenue redesign. The guide draws on the experience of these successful projects and addresses topics like community involvement, liability concerns, design development, materials, and project implementation. The best practices offered in this guide provide the necessary insight and advice that will enable project teams to ultimately improve street safety, revitalize public spaces, and bring communities together through asphalt art.

In addition to the guide, Bloomberg Philanthropies will also be awarding grants to 10 U.S. cities looking to implement similar projects. See more about the Asphalt Art Initiative in this Curbed Article, and in the Asphalt Art Website.

Pictured: West Palm Beach worked with Street Plans to implement this mural at the intersection of Fern and Tamarind Avenue.