Street Plans Leads Retain your Rain Workshop in Norfolk, VA

In partnership with ioby, the City of Norfolk, and AMEC Foster Wheeler, Street Plans conducted a hands-on, one-day workshop on Saturday, June 4 with 50 neighborhood leaders from the Neon District, and the Ghent and Chesterfield neighborhoods of Norfolk, VA. The workshop demonstrated how property owners, both business and residential, can help alleviate rainwater flooding in the city by building small flood mitigation projects to hold water on their property, thereby slowing down rain runoff and preventing flooding.

The participants and workshop leaders installed four rain barrels, one rain garden, and depaved a sidewalk for landscaping/water retention. This is the first of three workshops with 100 Resilient Cities (see post below) to demonstrate “Tactical Resilience.”

Watch this video to see Norfolk’s “Retain Your Rain” workshop in action!