The Case for Widening NYC Bike Lanes

Streetfilms created an important video demonstrating the case for widening New York City’s bike lanes and encourages other transit activists to use the video as a template to recreate it in their cities, too. Shot and edited by Purple Clarence, he advises that you, “just need the data, some good video and great soundbites by elected leaders, advocates and riders!”

Street Plan’s own Mike Lydon appears at the 3:05 mark to discuss how we could address the growing high demand for many more modes of mobility along 2nd Avenue in NYC.

“We could redesign the space and better allocate it to not just cyclists but to people who are using other real modes of travel – so obviously scooters, hoverboards, wheelchairs, etc., There’s a lot of space that’s allocated to people driving private vehicles and there’s a bus lane, which is good, but then there’s a very narrow bike lane given the demand. So we look at precedents like Rue de Rivoli in Paris and others on how we can create a much wider, more comfortable way for people to be riding around the city.”