Open House for Hudson Connects

On August 25, 2020 Street Plans hosted the second workshop for Hudson Connects, a streetscape improvement implementation plan focused on the area between the Hudson River on the west and Second Street on the east, the South Bay wetlands to the south and Dock Street to the north in the City of Hudson, NY.

In collaboration with Arterial, Street Plans initiated the project with a public walking tour and a public workshop on July 29. This participatory exercise, held following social distancing rules, provided an opportunity for attendees to evaluate the safety and accessibility of the street network on the focus area. The walking tour was followed by a workshop to initiate the analysis and data collection phase of the project. Attendees were able share feedback with the project team about the current state of the streets and select priority projects, highlighting missing, crucial connections within/to/from the project area, and sharing what currently enables or prevents safe mobility around the neighborhood. 

The project team then hosted a second workshop to share the project’s progress and gather feedback on the Hudson Connects Implementation Plan. During the outreach event, community members identified various intersection where they would like to see improvements. Street Plans will analyze these locations and select temporary projects to test during the first weekend of October to leverage further input on the long-term plan.

The Hudson Connects Implementation Plan is a part of a broader improvement effort within the City. In 2017, the City of Hudson was selected by the New York State’s Capital Regional Economic Development Council for one of ten Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) Round Two awards. From the DRI grant, $4 million is allocated to street improvements led by Arterial Streets, of which $10,000 will go toward temporary projects that will be implemented by Street Plans.