North Beach Master Plan | Miami Beach, FL

This rendering is an aerial view of 71st Street in the Town Center of North Beach.

Type: Comprehensive Master Plan

Size: North Beach District (43,891 population, 5.37 sq. miles)

Status: Complete

Street Plans assisted Dover, Kohl & Partners alongside the City of Miami Beach’s master plan steering committee, in the creation of the North Beach Master Plan. The Master Plan aims to guide public policy for the future development and planning of the North Beach District of the City of Miami Beach. 

Based upon the community’s priorities, the Master Plan focused on five priorities: developing a pedestrian-friendly town center, provide more mobility options, capitalize upon the community’s existing historic character, better utilize public lands, and build a more climate-resilient city. 

Street Plans led the community engagement process, which included a design charrette, and produced the master plan report based upon the information gathered from the public during the charrette process. The design charrette was an intensive four-day public brainstorming session. Street Plans engaged with over a thousand participants, including property owners, neighbors, merchants, developers, environmental specialists, historic preservationists, and community leaders. 

Following the charrette process, Street Plans produced the transportation plan chapter of the Master Plan Report. The report focused on bike, pedestrian, and trasit recommendations, as well as land developement regulations, design guidelines, and sustainability metrics. 

Click HERE to download the full plan. 

This rendering shows a protected bike lane and dedicated bus lane along 71st Street in North Beach.
The above rendering shows a dedicated bus and bike-only lane along Collins Avenue in North Beach.