North Minneapolis Greenway Pilot Project | Minneapolis, MN


Type: Tactical Urbanism Demonstration + Pilot Project 

Size: 5 blocks 

Status: Complete

The greenways and bicycle boulevards throughout Minneapolis have helped the city earn an international reputation as a leader in low-stress bicycle connectivity. North Minneapolis, however, is one area not very well-served in terms of bicycle infrastructure. 

Street Plans worked with the Minneapolis-based organizations Wetland Habitat Restoration (WHR) and Juxtaposition Arts to lead visioning and design of a 6-month pilot project, which resulted in a 5-block demonstration of possibilities for a permanent greenway. 

Street Plans led the effort to research and identify materials appropriate for the 6-month pilot project, providing guidance around the use of ready-made and donated items. Built from an initial list of options, Street Plans developed a materials  “gallery” and an activity framework to engage residents in a discussion about physical elements of the pilot project. Together with the project Working Group, Street Plans led discussions about the initial demonstration design and materials gallery during a large neighborhood block party event. Approximately 100 people attended the “pop-up public meeting” and shared ideas, questions, and concerns about the project.  

Following the event, Street Plans worked with WHR to refine suggested materials to closely align pilot design components with the community vision for programming, such as performances, games, and community events.