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MPL-headshot216Mike Lydon | Principal | New York City

Mike is an internationally recognized planner, writer, speaker, and advocate for livable cities. NPR, The New York Times, The Guardian, ABC News, Bloomberg Cities, Salon, Next City, Wired, and Monocle have featured his work, among many other publications. Having delivered more than 250 keynotes, workshops, trainings, and lectures since 2009, Mike has exerted a global influence on how people think about city transformation. In 2018, Mike was named by Planetizen as one of the top 100 most influential urbanists of all-time.

Mike is the creator of the The Open Streets Project and the globally acclaimed Tactical Urbanism: Short-Term Action, Long-Term Change Vol. 1 – 5. With Tony Garcia, Mike is the recipient of the 2017 Seaside Prize and co-author of Tactical Urbanism (Island Press, 2015), named by Planetizen as one of the top planning books of the past decade. Mike collaborated with Andres Duany and Jeff Speck in writing The Smart Growth Manual (McGraw-Hill, 2009). 

A founding member of the New England Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism, a Board Member for CNU New York, and a steering committee member of the Next Generation of New Urbanists, he remains active in both local and national planning, design, and smart growth advocacy issues. He lectures frequently and leads workshops and trainings on the topics of smart growth, tactical urbanism, public space,and complete streets/active transportation. Before launching the firm in 2009, Mike worked for Smart Growth Vermont, the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition, and Ann Arbor’s GetDowntown Program. From 2006 – 2009 Lydon worked for DPZ CoDesign, an international leader in the practice of smart growth planning, design, and research techniques.

Mike currently serves on Transportation Alternative’s Executive Committee for the New York City Harbor Ring project, and is an advisor to the Bicycle Coalition of Maine. Mike received a B.A. in American Cultural Studies from Bates College and a Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Michigan. He encourages you to trade four wheels for two.

Email: mike(at)streetplans(dot)org | Twitter: @MikeLydon | Instagram: @mikelydon11 | View Mike’s Lectures + Workshops

Tony Garcia, RA | Principal | South Florida

Tony Garcia, RA is a Co-founder of Street Plans and leads the day-to-day operations of the firm. Considered one of the foremost experts in the field of placemaking and street design of his generation, he is a licensed architect and has delivered hundreds of presentations, lectures, and workshops during his 17-year long career. Having completed over 150,000  of street murals around the country, he is one of the most prolific asphalt art muralists in the world, is the author of the Asphalt Art guide, and serves as the technical advisor for over 30 cities as part of the Bloomberg Asphalt Art Initiative.

Tony is coauthor of the globally acclaimed series Tactical Urbanism: Short-Term Action, Long-Term Change, co-author of Tactical Urbanism, published by Island Press in March 2015, and together with Mike Lydon is the recipient of the 2017 Seaside Prize. In 2018, Tony was awarded the CINTAS Foundation Fellowship for Architecture & Design for contributions to the field of urban design. 

Tony is a native Miamian and is regarded as a leading advocate and voice in the development of the city’s growing list of renowned public spaces and trails, first as the managing editor of the transportation blog TransitMiami.com, then as Chairman of the largest bicycle pedestrian advocacy organization in South Florida, Green Mobility Network. As part of this effort he co-founded the Ludlam Trail project, which will result in the addition of over 50 acres of new park space in Miami-Dade County, and helped prototype and build support for the creation of Biscayne Green, a one-mile park in downtown Miami currently under design.

Tony is a former part-time faculty member at the University of Miami School of Architecture, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and Urban Design from New York University and a Masters in Architecture from the University of Miami.

Email: tony(at)streetplans(dot)org  | | Twitter: @atgmiami | View Tony’s Lectures + Workshops

Julie Flynn | Senior Project Director | SF Bay Area

Julie is an urban planner and designer with over a decade of experience spanning public and private-sector roles. Julie originally joined the Street Plans team in 2013. In her initial four years at the firm, she worked on a range of Street Plans projects across the country, building expertise in active transportation planning, public space stewardship, and community engagement. 

In 2017, Julie took on a position at the City of San Francisco’s Planning Department as the Project Manager for the Civic Center Initiative, leading innovative, large-scale projects to bring new life to the iconic public spaces around the Civic Center.  She used near-term projects to prototype concepts from the Civic Center Public Realm Plan, a long-range capital plan. Julie then went on to work at San Francisco’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development, managing a portfolio of planning and recovery projects, leveraging public-private partnerships to catalyze public space activation downtown. After five years in the public sector, Julie was welcomed back to Street Plans in 2023 as a Senior Project Director, bringing with her new perspectives on community planning, public space management, and applied Tactical Urbanism methodologies.

Julie has a BA in Urban Studies from Brown University. She is an avid studio artist with a strong appreciation for the role art can play in connecting people to places and to each other. In her free time, Julie can be found knitting, playing with her toddler at a local playground, or exploring the Bay Area’s many trails and greenways.

Email: julie(at)streetplans(dot)org

Dana Wall | Senior Project Director | Upstate NY

Dana has planned and implemented more than 20 transportation planning, public space activation, and placemaking projects in cities across the country. She recently completed a body of work for Wexford Science + Technology that put forth strategies and principles for a local-first approach to activating the ground-floor environment in six of their “knowledge communities”, and was the Principal Investigator for the firm’s 2019 research publication: Fast-Tracked: A Tactical Transit Study.

Prior to joining Street Plans, Dana worked in New York City as an intern for the City’s Parks Department, and for the Design Trust for Public Space on a project to prototype interventions to create usable public space within NYCHA’s housing developments.

Dana is currently leading community-centric events and programming for the Hazelwood Green Plaza in Pittsburgh, PA, and recently authored the City of New Haven’s first Citywide Active Transportation Plan in Connecticut.

Dana is a frequent contributor to conference panels and workshops about Tactical Urbanism and placemaking at regional, national, and international conferences. She previously served on the board of active mobility advocacy organization Transit Alliance Miami.

Dana earned a Master of Urban Planning and a Master of Science in Environmental Planning from the University of Michigan.

Email: dana(at)streetplans(dot)org

Thomas Isola, PE, PTOE | Project Engineer | New York City

Thomas is a seasoned transportation engineer with ten years of engineering experience working on prominent infrastructure projects in the New York metropolitan area.

At Street Plans, Thomas leads engineering plans including striping and pavement marking plans, from production and project management to public outreach and business development.

Prior to joining Street Plans, Thomas most recently worked as an engineering consultant for WSP in the Hudson Valley. Earlier on in his career, he worked as a structural engineer in New York City, gaining valuable experience in construction administration and designing structural elements of buildings. However, Thomas later transitioned to transportation engineering, where he performed traffic and safety analysis for projects both in New York City and throughout New York State.

Thomas has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Duke University and a Master of Science in Transportation Engineering and Planning from New York University Tandon School of Engineering.

Email: thomas(at)streetplans(dot)org

John Gonzalez | Project Manager | New York City

John has a background in architecture, urban design, management, and graphic design.  He believes that architecture and urban design can transform how people interact and engage with their communities for the better. 

At Street Plans, John has helped plan, design, and manage several permanent and semi-permanent infrastructure projects throughout their project lifecycles. He has expertise in developing strategy and operational plans for both long-term and pop-up projects throughout the country, from ideation to completion. 

Prior to joining Street Plans, John worked closely with the director of the Center for Urban and Community Design of the University of Miami and the Office of Resilience in Miami Dade County. 

John holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree with a minor in Industrial Engineering from the University of Miami. He also received the Ferguson and Shamamian Award for Excellence in Classical Design. 

Email: john(at)streetplans(dot)org

Bette Maloy | Project Manager | Atlanta

Bette has over 10 years of experience in urban design, project management, and landscape design, spanning the public and private sectors.

At Street Plans, Bette has been working on Outdoor Dining Guidelines for the Village of Bronxville, NY, and public space, transportation, and master planning for the City of Senoia in Georgia.

Prior to Street Plans, Bette was an urban designer and project manager at the Atlanta City Studio, the City of Atlanta’s urban design studio in their Department of City Planning. In her work with the City of Atlanta, Bette led a team of designers across multiple public space projects. One of Bette’s most recent and favorite projects she managed while with the City of Atlanta was the reconstruction of the Broad Street Boardwalk, a large-scale investment that permanently transformed a Downtown Atlanta street into a vibrant, pedestrian-only gathering space.

Bette holds a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from West Virginia University and will soon hold professional licensure for Landscape Architecture in the state of Georgia. Bette is a member of the national and local Georgia chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architecture.

Email: bette(at)streetplans(dot)org

Cassiopea McDonald | Project Manager | New York City

Cassiopea brings over a decade of architectural design, programming, and project management expertise. Her work emphasizes the transformative potential of the built environment to enhance occupants’ physiological and emotional well-being, and prioritizes community resiliency, spatial equity, and a healing-centered approach.

Prior to joining Street Plans, she worked at Jensen Architects and ENVELOPE architecture + design in the San Francisco Bay Area. During her tenure, she spearheaded numerous community co-design initiatives in diverse neighborhoods, collaborating closely with city officials, community groups, and non-profit organizations. Additionally, she served as the Program Director for PROXY, orchestrating events at a variety of scales in partnership with community stakeholders.

Cassiopea holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the California College of the Arts and a Community Health Worker Certificate from the Community College of San Francisco, underscoring her multidisciplinary approach to fostering healthier, more inclusive built environments.

Email: cassiopea(at)streetplans(dot)org

Nikki Martin | Community Events Manager | Pittsburgh

Nikki Martin is an award winning advocate for neighborhood revitalization and community development. For 15 years, Nikki has developed and implemented  initiatives, programs, and events for organizations in the public, private, arts, and nonprofit sectors.

Prior to joining Street Plans, Nikki worked as Events Manager at the Sandler Center for Performing Arts in Virginia Beach, Events Coordinator at the Virginia Beach Convention Center, and was the Coordinator of Main Street and ON TRAC programs for the State of West Virginia Development Office.

Nikki earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from West Virginia State University and a Revitalization Professional credential from Main Street America Institute – the highest credential offered by the organization. She is currently working with the community of Hazelwood, Pennsylvania to foster resident engagement and local partnerships through public events. 

Email: nikki(at)streetplans(dot)org

Amalia Tomey | Project Designer | South Florida

With a strong background in urban, architectural and interior design, she brings ten years of experience to the table, leveraging her creativity and philanthropy to meet the needs of any project.

Prior to Street Plans, she held similar roles in international and national companies. Her role in the Department of Architectural Design and Urban Planning in the Office of the Historic Preservation in the City of Havana had a significant influence on her passion for urban design. She worked on multiple revitalization and historic preservation projects in Old Havana, transforming the city into a pedestrian and bicycle-friendly hub.

As a student, she won a National Design Award for her work in urban infill projects and her proposal for the Ludlam Trail Development has been featured in academic publications. Her strong focus on sustainability and resilient design distinguish all her projects and led her to participate as part of a selected team of 3 Graduate Student from FIU, in an international workshop at Keio University, Japan, on SUGI Food-Energy-Water Nexus Projects and CRUNCH (Carbon Resilient Urban Nexus Choices), led by Professor Thomas Spiegelhalter.

Amalia currently serves as the Vice President of Tau Sigma Delta, the national honor society that recognizes intellectual development among architecture and design majors. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design and a she is currently pursuing a Masters in Architecture at Florida International University.

Email: amalia(at)streetplans(dot)org

Catalina Ruiz Luzio | Project Designer | South Florida

Catalina Ruiz Luzio is Street Plans’ Project Designer with a background in architecture, urbanism, and digital representation. 

Prior to Street Plans, Catalina worked at Cure & Penabad and contributed to a variety of projects including industrial design, multifamily housing and Leon Krier’s New Urbanism master plan for Cayala City, Guatemala. While obtaining her degree, she lived and studied in Italy, Colombia, Cuba and Mexico. The opportunity to live, learn and design within communities of all sizes instilled in her the importance of community-based design and sense of place.

Most recently, she served as Junior Project Manager in Northwest Arkansas and worked on placemaking and community outreach projects including a collaboration with Thaden school for a pedestrian pilot project in Bentonville, AR. 

Catalina holds a Bachelors of Architecture degree with a minor in Fine Arts from the University of Miami. She has received multiple Design Excellence Awards, and was co-awarded the Ferguson & Shamamian Award for Excellence in Classical Design along with Street Plans’ Project Manager, John Gonzalez. 

Email: catalina(at)streetplans(dot)org

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is veronica_head-shot-crop-2-279x300.jpgVeronica Rivas Plaza | Senior Project Designer | New York City 

Veronica has a background in architecture, urban design, and sustainable city-making with over 7 years of experience. She believes that design should be informed by the social, ecological, and cultural environments that shape our lives and advocates for creating more walkable communities to improve quality of life for all. 

Prior to Street Plans, Veronica worked on a variety of architecture and urban design projects that span from urban and rural contexts, with goals of fostering inclusion and diversity in social housing. She has held positions as a Junior Architect at Curtis + Ginsberg Architects, David Cunningham Architecture and Planning, and interned at the Van Alen Institute. 

In September 2022, she joined the Forefront Fellowship at the Urban Design Forum where she is exploring new approaches to NYC waste management that support climate change, environmental equity, and health.  In October 2022, Veronica was featured as a Vision Zero Cities panelist situating the 15-minute city.

Veronica holds a degree in Architecture from The City College of New York and a Master of Science in the Urbanism Studies Programme at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. While at KTH, she investigated ‘living streets’ or pedestrian-friendly environments as part of her master thesis and collaborated with The Stockholm Traffic Office (Stad Trafikkontoret).

Email: veronica(at)streetplans(dot)org

April Oh | Operations Manager | New York City 

April has a management background with more than twenty years’ experience in startups, nonprofits, and investment banking. April began her relationship with Street Plans as a volunteer on the JC Walks Pedestrian Enhancement Plan in 2017 in all six wards of Jersey City, NJ. 

Prior to joining Street Plans, April forged an extensive career in operations in a variety of industries. She was the Regional Organizing Director for the city of Detroit with the Michigan Democratic Party for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, as well as Chief of Staff in the formative years for Eat Just, Inc., a food technology company based in San Francisco, CA. 

April has studied Communications, Urban Design, and Architecture in both San Francisco and New York City and holds certificates in Neighborhood Revitalization Strategies from NeighborWorks. She is an active supporting member of CNU, League of American Bicyclists, Transportation Alternatives, Urban Design Forum, and the Van Alen Institute. In her spare time, she loves to lend a helping hand to street artists working on various murals. 

Email: april(at)streetplans(dot)org


Alex LipnikAlex Lipnik | Marketing Director | Chicago 

Alex is a seasoned business development, communications, and marketing lead with more than a decade of experience in professional services, and early-stage and high-growth startups. He has also founded multiple endeavors of his own.

Prior to Street Plans, Alex most recently ran partnerships and public relations for a venture-backed fintech company.

At Street Plans, Alex is in charge of implementing overall brand and marketing strategy.

Alex received a B.A. in Communications & Marketing from the University of Michigan and his M.Sc. from the Pratt Institute’s Graduate Center for Planning & the Environment. He also holds an MBA. Alex enjoys working with the Street Plans team, and its clients and partners, on public realm projects that positively impact people’s lives both nationally and internationally.

Email: alex(at)streetplans(dot)org