Outdoor Dining Guide | Bronxville, NY

Status: Ongoing

Street Plans was engaged by the Village of Bronxville in Westchester County, NY to produce design and regulatory standards for a permanent outdoor dining program. Following the Village’s response to the pandemic with both sidewalk and on-street dining, Street Plans was tasked with streamlining the aesthetics, operations/maintenance, and permitting of the existing and future facilities to ensure a sustained and vibrant program. The overall effort also includes a one-way analysis of one of the Village’s Downtown streets to better accommodate outdoor dining and other conflicting curbside uses.

Street Plans first engaged the Village and merchants in a series of stakeholder meetings to identify the challenges and opportunities with the current administration and operation of the program. Public feedback was also sought through an online survey.

For the 2023 season, Street Plans provided Interim Outdoor Dining Standards, which included design standards for sidewalk facilities, and updated operational standards for all existing facilities. These interim standards will be tested for the 2023 season, and re-evaluated in the fall, prior to the production of the final 2024 guidance.