Plan El Paso | El Paso, TX


Type: Comprehensive Plan/Form-Based Code

Size: 250 square miles

Status: Plan adopted, Implementation underway

Awards: Environmental Protection Agency National Award for Smart Growth Achievement (2011)

Street Plans contributed to a multi-phase comprehensive planning effort for the City of El Paso, Texas, as it seeks to update its Comprehensive Plan and vision for a variety of multi-modal transportation projects. In collaboration with Dover Kohl and Partners, Street Plans joined the charrette team for the first phase of the three-phase project to help calibrate the SmartCode for select Transit-Oriented Development Areas surrounding the existing and proposed Bus Rapid Transit stations. Street Plans also helped the Charrette team formulate a vision for each TOD site, contributing to infill master plans produced substantially at the first visioning charrette. These plans included implementing a multi-modal vision intended to guide future municipal investment in not just transit, but an increase in bicycle and pedestrian mode share.

Street Plans contributed significantly to the public outreach effort, leading design and creation of the project website. Street Plans integrated a collaborative online mapping tool into the website, allowing the project team to efficiently collect and analyze public comments. This interactive web tool quickly became the primary means of communication between the project team and the public-at-large.
During the second and third phases of the project, Street Plans helped lead the city-wide bicycle plan and created a SmartCode Bicycle Module calibration. In pursuing this work, Street Plans focused on smart growth, and transit-oriented infill policies designed to support the City’s multi-modal transportation expansion vision. View the full plan HERE. 

5. E Yandell Dr - One Way_Cycle Track and planter_resampled