Ponderay Greenbelt + Pathways Action Plan | Ponderay, ID

Type: Greenbelt + Pathways Action Plan

Size: Citywide (1200 population, 3.5 sq. miles)

Status: Complete

Street Plans was hired by the City of Ponderay to produce the Ponderay Greenbelt and Pathways Master Plan, which outlines 18 priority projects to shape Ponderay’s future growth and preserve a high quality of life. The primary goal of these efforts is to increase connectivity, protect rural lands and watersheds, and increase access to Ponderay’s most prized but underutilized asset: Lake Pend d’Oreille. 
The Plan outlines short- and long-term opportunities to further improve existing paths, trails, an on-street infrastructure supporting recreation and active transportation in Ponderay. 
Street Plans first travelled to Ponderay in October 2014 for a site visit, to meet with community stakeholders, conduct a handlebar/walkabout survey, and help conduct a one-day demonstration project with the national non-profit Strong Towns. The demonstration project aimed to let the city and community test and experience safer, more walkable streets and show the value of low-cost infrastructure. 
In December of 2014, Street Plans then led a 4-day planning and design charrette to gather ideas from stakeholders and local community members. 
The Street Plans team returned in March 2015 to work with the City of Ponderay on refining an initial draft of the Greenbelt and Pathways Plan. Finally, in October 2015, Street Plans returned to present a draft of the plan and receive feedback, which helped inform the final draft, which was completed in February of 2016. The final Greenways + Pathways Action Plan was then approved by the City Council.

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