Ponderay Form-Based Code | Ponderay, ID

Type: Subarea Plan 

Size: City-wide (1,111 population, 3.02 sq. miles)

Status: Complete 

In 2014, Street Plans was hired by the City of Ponderay, ID to create a regulating plan for the Pend D’Oreille Lakeside. To kick off the planning process, Street Plans visited Ponderay to observe and document existing conditions and interview stakeholders. The planning process included a robust public outreach and engagement strategy, comprised first of a design charrette where city staff members, representatives from local jurisdictions, and citizen-stakeholders came together to exchange ideas and goals, and formulate implementation strategies. Street Plans tailored the charrette to obtain maximum community input so as to produce the best possible master plan.  
This charrette was followed by multiple public meetings. 
While the end result included new land development regulations, the public process also included discussions of alternatives for street design, street connectivity, and town planning strategies that create vital town centers, corridors, and livable neighborhoods. 
Following this public interaction, Street Plans drafted plans and renderings that reflected ideas articulated in the workshops, which were then publicly presented to solicit further feedback from the community. Street Plans finished the subarea plan in 2015. 
The form-based code presents a new future of land development for Ponderay, and builds off of the existing urbanism present in Ponderay. The code outlines regulations for five new zoning districts, building types, and street standards, with emphasis on walkable urbanism and Complete Streets.