46th Avenue Street Seat | Queens, NY

Project Status: Implementation Complete

After receiving a national placemaking grant, the Long Island Board of Realtors (LIBOR) approached Street Plans in 2020 to help them identify a location, partner with a local organization/business, and take on the design, fabrication, and implementation of a signature placemaking project.

Street Plans conducted a borough-wide search and found the intersection of 46th Avenue and 5th Avenue in Long Island City, a place where industry, arts, and a dense population of people converge.

To advance the project, Street Plans worked closely with property owners Plaxall, tenant Rockaway Brewing Company, the Long Island Board of Realtors, NYC DOT, artist Rymie, and fabricators Konduit to develop a contextually appropriate and needs-based design responding to the local built context. Street Plans led the geometric and vertical design, materials selection, and oversaw project installation. 

Street Plans worked closely with Rymie to adapt her previous mural work on the brewery’s facade to the street seat’s ground plan and all vertical elements. Alongside design elements like bar height seating and table space, informed the installations cohesive and supportive design. Finally, Street Plans designed half-circle benches against the building’s facade to ensure a visual and functional connection between the sidewalk and the new street seat located within the curb lane.