Little Prince Plaza | SoHo, NY

Project Status: Implementation Complete

In December 2020, Street Plans was hired by the Soho Broadway Initiative, a business improvement district serving one of New York City’s most iconic retail corridors, to develop a Framework and Vision Plan for the area’s public realm. As part of the Plan, Street Plans worked closely with SoHo Broadway to implement “Little Prince Plaza”, a temporary public space to test the pedestrianization of Prince Street. 

For four consecutive Saturdays in October 2021, Prince Street between Mercer Street and Broadway was closed to vehicular traffic and transformed into a vibrant public space featuring seating and tables for locals and visitors to enjoy a coffee, take a break after shopping around the district, or just people watch.

The pilot project included low-cost and low-maintenance materials to allow for a quick set up that can easily be stored when the plaza is not active. 
The project’s main goal is to observe how people use the space, learn what works well and what can be improved, and collect feedback from those passing through or using this space. Analysis of the temporary installation revealed almost 9,000 people used the street over a three-hour period versus an average of 4,500 vehicles per day. Moreover, nearly 90% of visitors said the plaza was a welcome addition to the neighborhood.