Onward Alameda Corridor Master Plan | El Paso, TX

Project Status: Plan Approved by the El Paso City Council on June 22, 2022

As part of a multi-year on-call contract with the City of Paso, Street Plans and Dover Kohl & Partners (DKP) led the production of a master plan for the Alameda Avenue Corridor in El Paso. The plan includes a long-term vision for the future of the Alameda Corridor through a series of recommended strategies, policies, and capital improvements. Street Plans developed the mobility and transportation recommendations for the master plan. These focused on creating new walkable neighborhoods, increasing bicycle and transit ridership, and re-imagining streets.

The corridor stretches from the downtown core to the exurban areas on the edge of the city. The team divided the corridor into distinct zones that reflected the predominant land use development patterns and the character of the street. Using existing City data collection technology, Street Plans was able to analyze transportation modes across the different zones, including understanding the mix of transit, bike, and pedestrian trips. Using this data, Street Plans created a robust set of recommendations, from physical changes to the design of the street to operational and policy changes.

The Onward Alameda Master Plan includes a toolkit of pedestrian and transit improvement strategies, as well as detailed plan view graphics and renderings of key locations for transformation along the corridor. For locations with more urban frontage and lower car volumes, the plan envisions an aggressive expansion of sidewalks, street trees, and crosswalks. Further out from the core, where land use is more suburban, the focus of the mobility recommendations is more on how to improve the existing Brio bus network with dedicated bus lanes, queue jumps, and signal improvements.