Connect Senoia Master Plan & Unified Development Code Project Update | Senoia, GA

For the past year, Street Plans has been working with the City of Senoia, Georgia to develop a mobility and development strategy plan for the growing town center and surrounding area. 

For the last decade, the town has seen record growth, mostly in the form of suburban sprawl development. Street Plans was brought in to help the town rethink its development paradigm. Most recently, the team was in town to help define the community vision for mobility, with a special focus on trails, bike and golf cart paths, and sidewalks. The trip also gave Street Plans the opportunity to rethink the city’s signature streets, including Main Street and Broad Street.

The week kicked off with a presentation by Street Plans principals Tony Garcia and Mike Lydon regarding approaches to mobility planning, along with case studies of small towns and more rural regions that have developed pedestrian, bicycle, and golf cart infrastructure within a cohesive multimodal transportation network.

Senoia Kickoff Workshop

Senoia Preference Survey

Over the course of the week, Street Plans worked out of an open charrette studio, meeting with key stakeholder groups to obtain feedback on a range of conceptual plans being worked out in real time. The team used a transect-based approach to the development of the trail and path types, with the goal of putting every resident within a 5-minute walk of a trail or path.

Tony Garcia Senoia

Senoia Rendering

One of the major goals of Connect Senoia is to show residents and stakeholders that the design of the city’s streets as public spaces is fundamental to the economic future of the town. Rejecting conventional ‘stroad’ design in favor of elegant public spaces was a big topic for residents, as illustrated in this rendering of a reimagined Highway 16.

Stay tuned for more updates as this exciting project continues to take shape!

Senoia Closing Presentation